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About B2Bface
B2Bface.com was established in Guangzhou, China, in 2008. Therefrom, Guangzhou, the earliest foreign trade window whose exports are among the best cities of China, has its own B2B E-commerce website.
B2Bface.com emerged against the flows of the global financial crisis in 2008; and innovatively introduced the new commerce pattern of " Promote first, pay after + Pay On Demand " in 2009 with the core concept of "customers first". Now, B2Bface.com is the first E-commerce portal for E-business promotion that has no threshold, zero risk, low cost and no extra input.
As the first B2B E-commerce in the world to introduce the new commerce pattern of " Promote first, pay after + Pay On Demand", the significance of its birth and the task it bears is not only allowing more small and medium-sized foreign trade companies to promote their products on the Internet; but more importantly, is changing the pattern of E-commerce, bid farewell to the high annual fee of Internet promotion, so that companies can truly reduce their cost and improve their efficiency. It is a popular tool available for all-sized companies, and will drive the popularity of E-commerce in China.
B2Bface.com advocates openness and encourages sharing. We are sure that openness will result in more cooperation opportunities and more success to customers; we also believe that sharing will make information transmitting more smoothly, hence lead to more merit.
It is our firm course and core strategic thinking to : Ground in Guangdong, Serve the Nation, Take the world in mind.
B2Bface's Core Values
Customer needs first : To adhere to customer needs; customers first.
To transcend mediocrity, and pursue perfection : To pursue excellence, to outdo ourselves, and try to do everything well.
Promises must be kept and action must be resolute : To act with integrity, with classic executive ability and result.
Passion and sharing : Full of passion, to develop our potential and creativity and learn to share and know the importance of teamwork.
Tolerance and communication : To embrace changes, and communicate with benevolence and gentleness.
Equality and love : With equal discourse right and expressing right; concern the daily work and life of our staff.
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